About us

Welcome to Programmers Direct we are a great web design, programming, IT, and IS Service organization ready to serve all your personal and business needs. We are a new type of organization in which we are a for-profit organization that has a human service back-end. This is a choice we make to use the Williamson Initiative for our organization in which we donate 10% of our profits to human service and community projects and offer a donation based/low cost/free services for non-profit organizations and low-income people and aspiring entrepreneurs. At Programmers Direct where we help you make all your software creations and dreams come to life with our great customer service, high quality programming and design work. You are sure to be excited to say the least about our services and abilities. We have a full range of abilities from the front-end design such as user interfaces to the website, program, or application back-end with a variety of options of different languages. We support a full range of languages such as;

  • C++(coming soon!)
  • Android
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • Ajax
  • PHP,
  • Smarty
  • HTML
  • CSS, and
  • XML

So you are sure to find something that serves you or your website in which we offer:

  • Custom Services
  • Consultations
  • Pre-built modules for frameworks
  • Pre-built modules for open source software such as
    • Prestashop,
    • More Coming Soon.
  • IS & IT Services

All of which can be customized or repurposed for your needs.

Contact us today for all your programming needs.